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This is our school – the Emil-von-Behring Gymnasium. We are a high school in Bavaria – the most southern state in Germany. Bavaria is considered the state with the strictest and – according to studies – most successful school system.

Bavaria has a so-called tripartite system at the secondary education level. “Gymnasium” means the top end of secondary education with the most academic orientation. Students who finish “Gymnasium” usually continue their education and attend a university or college. The other two branches of the tripartite system are “Realschule” and “Mittelschule” both with a more practical orientation.

Our school offers a variety of classes with emphasis on either science and technology or languages. We start in year 5 (students are around 10 years old) and end with year 12 (students are 17/18 years old). English is first taught in year 5 and is a compulsory subject until year 10, optional even until year 12 - with approximately 3-5 forty-five minute classes per week every year. So our students speak English really well. A second language is first taught in year 6 (either French or Latin) and a third language can be added in year 8 (Spanish) if you choose the language major.

Sports is organized differently in Germany. If you want to participate in competitions you have to be a member of a – mostly private – club, e.g. a basketball club, a tennis club, etc. Sports does play a major part at our school, however, as we have always had successful handball players (a different kind of handball that you know… you might want to find out..), basketball players, tennis players, track and field athletes and others.

Our school is considered to be well-off and so we are well equipped. We have – for German standards.. you can’t really compare this with American standards – a great outside sports area, a gym with room for three different groups and an indoor swimming pool. We can offer optional classes such as school gardening, theatre, choir (3 different ones), orchestra and much more.

So find out more about us when (not if!!) you visit us soon.

  • 01 school building facing south
  • 02 school building facing east
  • 03 school building facing north
  • 04 school building in winter facing west
  • 05 arts classroom
  • 06 main hall
  • 07 regular hall
  • 08 library during exam period
  • 09 playground - sports area outside
  • 10 boulder wall
  • 11 school garden in summer
  • 12 bee houses in the school garden in winter
  • 13 working with bees
  • 14 school pond in winter

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